Covid-19 crisis: Weathering the storm and bouncing back stronger

With COVID-19 VUCA has become reality. 
The world as we knew it has changed radically. 

There will be no return to the "old world" - instead, the "new normal" has become the context in which people, organisations and industries operate.

But how should organisations position themselves in the future? What are the success factors to convince in the "new normal".

We as the Transformation Alliance have the answer.

Before COVID-19 we conducted an academic study that identified: Purpose, Ecosystem, Adaptability, Real Empowerment, and Leadership as characteristics that are fundamental to an organisation’s continued success, making them more agile, flexible and resilient in the face of future challenges and opportunities:

1. Purpose:

All activities and people are directed by and find meaning in a purpose that goes beyond financial performance to create a positive impact on the world and purposeful advantage for the organisation.
Christine Durroux (Kea & Partners) on Purpose – in conversation with Carina Hähnel (h&z)

2. Ecosystem:

The organisation is a seamless network of highly autonomous, interdependent units. It challenges traditional notions of hierarchy and the idea that the organisation is a self-contained entity.
Stefan Aichbauer (h&z) on Eco System – in conversation with Carina Hähnel (h&z)

3. Adaptability:

The organisation seeks, anticipates and welcomes change, embracing a state of ongoing flux. The organisation employs ways of working that proactively anticipate potential adjustments, ensuring its flexibility and nimbleness to adapt at pace.
Claire Hamlin (Q5) on Adaptility - in conversation with Carina Hähnel (h&z)

4. Real Empowerment:

The organisation carefully manages authority, decision-making and autonomy to bring the best out of each member, fostering a spirit of entrepreneurship.
Linus Malmberg (Cordial) on Real Empowerment – in conversation with Carina Hähnel (h&z)

5. Leadership:

Leaders are ‘connective leaders’, acting as catalysts and conductors, facilitating connections and creating a diverse environment where people can be inspired and authentic, and where change and people can flourish.
Gian Luigi Gregotti Borasio (MBS Consulting) on Leadership - in conversation with Carina Hähnel (h&z)

COVID-19 as an accelerator for connected organisation

We recently conducted a follow-up to the original study to investigate the key actions organisations have take to respond to the crisis, and to identify which traits are most fundamental to each organisation’s future prosperity.

This presentation begins with an overview of the PEARL framework and its operationalization, leading to the explanation of the survey results. Thereafter the results for each trait are summarized and explained, with our recommendations as closing chapter.

Download the study 
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